How You Can Get Involved, And Free Stuff

Last week on Facebook there was a discussion about how hard it is for many of us to negotiate when it comes to salaries, honoraria, etc. We want people to know what we’re worth without having to tell them, yes?

Doesn’t work that way… but knowing that doesn’t make it easier.

So this is the post I’ve been dreading, yet I know it’s really important. This is the “ask.”

If you read this blog, you care about… I don’t even know what to call it. The deeper things of life? Nuance? Weird connections between things? Random links? The subtitle of my blog is “beauty, ideas, creativity, and the life of the Spirit,” but I don’t know. Whatever brings you here, I believe that the themes in Sabbath in the Suburbs will resonate with you.

I could call all of this a movement if I wanted. A Sabbath movement! And yes, it is that. Life moves fast. People are anxious. Fewer folks take vacation and time for rest than they used to. Some people have forgotten how. Technology means our work week doesn’t ever begin or end. Our kids are as overloaded with activities as we are. My little book is part of a much bigger conversation.

But it’s also a book, and I hope you will buy it.

Here are some concrete ways you can support me and my book:

  1. Pre-order: The book comes out September 30, but pre-ordering helps build buzz for the book, so consider pre-ordering Sabbath in the Suburbs from Chalice Press or the online retailer of your choice. I know, Nameless Online Retailer gives you free shipping. But I get a smidge more money if you order from Chalice. I don’t know how book pricing works, but I do know if the price goes down, you’ll get the lower price, so no need to hold out.
  2. Mark it “to read”: If you’re a Goodreads user, put my book in your to-read pile. Again with the buzz.
  3. Host an event: Consider scheduling an event at your church or organization. I am still working out how to make such events happen while maintaining my congregational responsibilities at Tiny Church, but I am setting a goal of one event per month. Get in touch with me at maryannmcdana (at) gmail (dot) com and let’s talk.
  4. Be a Sabbath Ambassador: Reviews are hugely important in helping people decide whether to buy a book, so consider writing one for Amazon, Chalice, and/or Goodreads. Will you commit to writing a review? E-mail me or comment below and I might even be able to get you an advance copy.
  5. Be a carnival barker: OK, sort of. I’ll be planning some kind of blog carnival around a theme relating to Sabbath, so if you have a blog and would like to participate, leave a comment here or get in touch with me via e-mail. Again, maryannmcdana (at) gmail (dot) com.
  6. Connect: Of course there’s Facebook and Twitter, but I’m also compiling an e-mail list. See below for more.
  7. Network: Do you know anyone in media that might be interested in highlighting the book and/or Sabbath? I’d be honored and humbled if you’d put me in touch. I’ve done a couple of interviews already and was pleased to see that I did not die as a result, so…

And finally, some free stuff:

  • The YCW Sampler: Chalice put together an e-publication with one chapter from each of the five Young Clergy Women books thus far. It’s a free download here and features the November chapter of my book.
  • E-mail list: As I mentioned above, if you’d like to be on my e-mail list—no more than 2-3 e-mails a month and unsubscribe whenever you want—let me know in comments or at maryannmcdana (at) gmail (dot) com. Yes, those e-mails will have news about the book and speaking gigs, but it will also include content you won’t get on the blog.

Thank you. We preachers are humbled and honored by the gift of people’s attention, and I feel the same way here at The Blue Room. I know for sure that there would be no book without my blog readers cheering me on.


19 thoughts on “How You Can Get Involved, And Free Stuff

  1. Jan E. Lorah says:

    Yes, for sure add me to your e-mail list, MaryAnn. And, yes — I’d be interested in writing a review — if the opinion of a spiritual director would carry in weight! I’d like to talk about an idea for a possible speaking engagement; we can do that by e-mail quite easily. Kudos for completing the project are already in order, and I’m sure there will be many more after reading the book! Some of my clients already are eagerly anticipating publication, as this is an issue w/ which they, too, struggle. Keep up the good work.

  2. RevKel says:

    Count me in, too! I am very excited for the release of your book. Add me to your email list and I will forward the word on to other friends.
    I have already preached about your Sabbath “movement” and we are planning to host an Adult Spiritual Education class with your book.
    Just sharing your commitment to Sabbath as a mother of three and a pastor brought tears to the eyes of my working moms in my bible study.
    And finally…I am sure that there is NOT one person/friend who follows your blog or enjoys your writing who would think you should dread asking for help! We are very supportive of your writing gifts and it is fun to be part of this journey in some small way. You go girl!

    • MaryAnn says:

      Well Kelley, I still tell the story about your sweet Holly being walked by all five members of your family at once 🙂

      Thanks for the support and encouragement. It means a lot.

  3. jo(e) says:

    I like it when friends and bloggers let me know that they’ve got a book coming out. I’m always looking for stuff to read.

  4. Already had it on my Good Reads To Read list; pre-ordered book & downloaded the sampler.

  5. Kelly says:

    Rats. Pre-ordered from Nameless Online Bookseller already. Looking forward to its arrival, though!

    Of course put me on your email list.

    Are you in touch with SPPC about a speaking gig? Duerr Lectures maybe??? We need some young blood there! Or maybe summer lecture series. Let me know (or Cathy S.) if you want me to refer you to someone who schedules those things. Or Mo Ranch. Just get thyself to Texas, and we’ll make something happen!

    Will happily review your book. Might be interesting to get a non-clergy point of view.

    Whatever else you need, I’m there! So excited for this book release!!!

  6. Julie Jensen says:

    I have pre-ordered, but am willing to review if needed. My Sunday school class is excited to hear more about the book- we did a sabbath study this spring, and I kept lifting up your expels of how a “real family” could practice. Please add me to the e-mail list!

  7. Celeste says:

    Ordered 2 copies. Looking forward to sharing this with some other Sabbath challenged folk and encouraging them to get their own copy! Congratulations! This is a big deal!

  8. Elizabeth Parler says:

    I preordered your book after the first time I read your blog – can’t wait to receive it! I was referred to your blog via Jana Reiss. Please add me to your email list.

  9. Meg says:

    I am looking forward to reading your book. I preordered it quite awhile ago… this part of inching towards Sept 30 seems to be going so slow…while the rest of August is racing past. 🙂 Once I have read it I will be happy to do a review on the “unnamed big seller” and on a large online sewing group that I belong to. A group of gifted needle artists but also a group of incredibly wonderful women who share the gift of prayer with each other. Also, please add me to your mailing list.

  10. […] who’ve already ordered after, sorry about the timing—I found out about the deal after my post from earlier in the week. What can I say, your reward will be great in […]

  11. Bob Braxton says:

    five and counting

  12. Rachel Srubas says:

    Thank you for modeling what an author’s role in effective book promotion looks like. You inspired me to take a step today on my facebook page. More to come.

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