Eight Tips for Taming the Tech

Our family turned to sabbath practice when life with two careers and three children started feeling way too hectic and scheduled. Remember that scene in Modern Family where Claire and Phil are trying to find a small window of time in which to shoot their son Luke with a BB gun to teach him a lesson? “He’s got a soccer game at 3:00, and then–Oh, we’ve got to leave for that dinner thing at 5:00. 4:15. We could shoot him at 4:15.”

Our life was like that. (OK, maybe not exactly like that.)

Sabbath seemed like a good way to combat the busyness. We spent one day each week in rest and play, doing only those things that delighted us: playing games with the kids, hiking in the woods, baking, and in my husband’s case, brewing beer.

At first, we didn’t put many restrictions on our computer and cell phone use during sabbath. Facebook is fun, after all, and a great way to connect with loved ones near and far. But as our sabbath practice continued, we felt the online chatter pulling us away from being present. Sure, we weren’t working, but our gadgets were leaving us feeling fragmented and distracted on a day of supposed restoration and joy. So we decided to unplug: during sabbath, we signed off from Facebook, Twitter, e-mail and other online communication.

READ THE REST at Flunking Sainthood. Thanks to Jana Riess for the invitation to write for her excellent blog.


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