What’s Inspiring Me

Here are a few things that are inspiring me today… and I want to know what’s inspiring you:

1. Robert and I have season tickets to Signature Theatre, and we saw God of Carnage last Friday night. It’s funny and dark and absurd. This Friday should be even more fun: a revival of Xanadu. I’ve never seen the live musical, but the film version was the first “grownup” movie I ever saw as a kid. It’s a wretched film, but I love the music, and apologize to Robert and to whomever will sit in row C seat 107, because it will be hard for me not to sing along.

2. These time lapse photos of the earth (and skies) from the space station:

Check out the storms:

3. I am making my way through The West Wing again, and I just watched Two Cathedrals. I never tire of that episode.

4. Sister Gramick. Check out this short profile of this remarkable woman. Money quote:

It was essentially a spiritual cease-and-desist order: no more speaking or writing about homosexuality, period. Gramick took some time to reflect on the command and then wrote a response: “I choose not to collaborate in my own oppression.” In effect, she treated the Vatican’s order as a suggestion—and politely declined to follow it.

Oh how do I love the “politely” here?! I’ve been pleased to know and work with a number of Catholic nuns in my life and almost to a person, they are kind and feisty… and Christlike. No wonder the Franciscans have come to their defense.


That’s what’s inspiring me today. And I need all the inspiration I can get. The typseset PDF of Sabbath in the Suburbs arrives later today, which means I’ll be giving it one last painstaking look.

Your turn…


7 thoughts on “What’s Inspiring Me

  1. Sending you mojo as you plunge into the page proofs!

  2. Bob Braxton says:

    could comb through pdf for nits

  3. anne says:

    we’re up to season 4 on west wing. (waiting for it from the library now.) this is our second time through (after the original tv viewing. and two cathedrals is WONDERFUL.

    how will you be getting fresh eyes as you do this final proofing? maybe hold ‘flat stanley’ on your lap as you read.

  4. Sharon says:

    Phyllis Tickle is inspiring me today. This is one amazing woman!

  5. I loved the articles on the nuns and the supporting friars, but I really should know by now to avoid the comments. Sigh.

    I was particularly impressed by Gramick’s choice to *not* “disband and then reconstitute itself as a non-canonical institution, outside the Vatican’s purview.” It takes a great deal of courage to stand so directly for what one believes to be right.

    As far as what is inspiring me, I am delighted that our spruce tree, which had been looking kind of sad, has responded to my pruning and care of a few weeks back with an explosion of new, healthy growth. Yay!

    • Oh, and after admitting to myself recently that I miss writing, I may have found a market for my water dragon short story. Makes me a little nervous and giggly at the same time; I definitely need to rework it pretty thoroughly, though, since it’s been trunked for the past half decade and the market needs me to trim 1900 words.

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