Photoblogging from Minnesota

I’m in Minnesota this weekend visiting a family from church. The seven year old son received a bone marrow transplant six months ago. The marrow engrafted well, but the poor guy has had a whole host of complications. He has been in the hospital for 120 days.

This morning I ran along the Mississippi River and came upon this bit of graffiti:

It is, it is.

As hard as it is to see this sweet little guy suffer pain and fatigue and fevers and discouragement, maybe that’s the call today. To be a sleuth for grace.


3 thoughts on “Photoblogging from Minnesota

  1. Bob Braxton says:

    Now we know not to expect to see you – considering attending Tiny today, since another church we are allowed to attend has switched already to only one service per Sunday 9:30am – too late for that one.

  2. RevKel says:


  3. RevKel says:

    It is. And you will be.

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