Tuesday Link Love

The end is in sight on this latest round of edits! O frabjous day!

All the writing mojo is going into Sabbath in the Suburbs, but here is a bonus link mid-week:

Kidding Yourself is No Laughing Matter — Pacific Standard Magazine

There’s one at every comedy club: the guy sitting there stone-faced, while everyone around him is laughing. There are many possible explanations: He was dragged there by his girlfriend, doesn’t like the stand-up’s style, or is simply having a bad day.

But if his humorlessness is chronic, the underlying issue may be more basic: He just isn’t honest with himself. According to newly published research, self-deception inhibits laughter.

“Humor deals with the absurdities of life,” Rutgers University anthropologists Robert Lynch and Robert Trivers write in the journalPersonality and Individual Differences. “The less you are in tune with reality, the less likely you are to see the absurdities.”

More at the link.

I can take myself and life WAY too seriously, so one of my daily intentions is a simple one:


It feels good, and it turns out to be linked to self-awareness.

Have you laughed today? Share the source of your laughter in the comments.


5 thoughts on “Tuesday Link Love

  1. Andrew says:

    I laugh a lot. Usually when I try to do something athletic.

  2. MaryAnn says:

    Hand to God: not 20 minutes after posting this, I got pooped on by a bird.

  3. First my printer broke. Then the copier broke. Then one of my monitors started flashing off and on. Then I smudged with sage and laughed…

  4. robertjulianbraxton says:

    in Walnut Creek walking “Mr Hobbs” and laughing

  5. Keith Snyder says:

    There was a good deal of laughing this morning, walking to school. I realized there were all these body parts they didn’t know had names, so it was, “Where’s your…patella? Where’s your…gluteus maximus? Where’s your…pinna?”

    Seven-year-olds are big on rude humor, so, you know.

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