I’m here at the NEXT Conference, which means a very full schedule the next few days. I brought along a big spiral notebook that I use to take graphical notes. I thought in lieu of blogging the conference each night I would upload a photo or two of these notes.

The image below is actually from Saturday’s transformation training, but it’s an insight I’m bringing with me today:

Love the questions today.


5 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Bob Braxton says:

    streaming from Sante Fe (reception), NM, awaiting late afternoon Ghost Ranch shuttle

  2. Grace says:

    You have the most beautiful handwriting!


  3. Rachel Heslin says:

    This is how I’ve been dealing with a very conservative friend of mine: I don’t tell him he’s heartless (because he’s not) when he judges people for, say, living on welfare instead of becoming entrepreneurs like he did. I tell him his problem is that he doesn’t ask enough questions. WHY do they not try to start their own businesses? WHAT is different about their environment/education/resources (financial and emotional) that makes the difference? WHAT can be done on a societal level that could open their perspective as far as what is possible/increase their awareness of resources/etc.?

    And then you get to the HOW (would X impact Y) and WHEN (would it start to show the effects) and so on and so on….

  4. nuevacantora says:

    When you are less busy, I’d love to hear about graphical note taking…

  5. CW Griswold says:

    WHY do birds suddenly appear?

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