Friday Link Love

Here we go:


The Ten Happiest (and Unhappiest) Jobs — Forbes

My job is on the happiest list; Robert’s is on the unhappiest :-\


If You’re Busy, You’re Doing Something Wrong — Study Hacks

How “elite achievers” do it, in music anyway.


The Deck of Cards Workout — Lifehacker

A friend of mine is doing this. I like it! No special equipment required. If I ever kick the strep cough I may try it.


And finally…

The Right (and Wrong) Way to Die When You Fall into Lava — Wired

Because you’ve always wondered.


Have a wonderful weekend, everybody. We will be working on simple costumes for our “impromptu” Christmas pageant on Sunday.

One thought on “Friday Link Love

  1. my job of the day (first anyway) is baking from scratch the three-layer German chocolate birthday cake (tradition)

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