Link Love: Thanksgiving Edition

Just a couple of items before the weekend:



Doesn't she look tired? Hey, she writes, fights for abolition, AND raises six kids---you'd be exhausted too.

Julia Ward Howe’s “Battle Hymn of the Republic” — Slate

The iconic Civil War anthem was written 150 years ago. Interesting piece, but I especially related to this:

Frequently, she experienced these visions [i.e. writings] while in bed, perhaps the only place where—as the mother of six children—she could snatch a moment of quiet reflection. She had grown used to scribbling notes in barely sufficient light, so as not to wake the baby invariably sleeping beside her.

As my deadline looms, Robert and I have a short getaway planned together this weekend, Sunday we put up Christmas decorations, and Monday is Jamesy’s 4th birthday. So Julia—YOU GO GIRL. I can relate.


Happy Evacuation Day! — The Daily Show

The holiday we should be celebrating this weekend, according to a cutely nervous but still hilarious Sarah Vowell. (Sorry I’m having trouble embedding the video—follow the link above.)


2 thoughts on “Link Love: Thanksgiving Edition

  1. Her quote “experienced these visions [i.e. writings] while in bed, … had grown used to scribbling notes in barely sufficient light” – is not, in my opinion, linked either to gender or to role (young parent) but rather for me is my most fruitful and fertile “ground” (so to speak) of what Ira Progoff (At a Journal Workshop) assigns as “twilight imagery” to wit, the product(s) of such I call “twi-lit” (as in Literature) I treasure them all.

  2. Shala says:

    I keep at least three different notebooks, each matched with their pens, an iphone and an ipad within reach of my bed for exactly this purpose. Whatever set of equipment falls within reach of my groping hand is the one that wins that night’s writing.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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