The Boots Are Still Intact

He's so ugly he's cute. May I never see his real-life brethren infesting the crowns of my children. Especially on deadline.

I will be offering burnt sacrifices to the writing gods in thanksgiving for the fact that my child did NOT get head lice from the three children she was with last week who have it.

To carry last week’s mountain-climbing metaphor forward, having a kid with lice the week before a 70,000 word project is due would be something like having one’s boots fall apart on the climb.

Which happened to me.



3 thoughts on “The Boots Are Still Intact

  1. The ones (boots) I bought in Bernardsville (NJ) upon our 1980 return from my first trip to Kenya still work well, with one critical re-sewing, done in Kenya as arranged by Mark in our 2008 month-long trip. The best as you get closer to victory lap.

  2. Linda Jordan says:

    After 25 years of parenting I had my first bout with head lice when Jenny came home from camp this summer. Not fun. And the checking and rechecking of everyone’s head in the house along with the nit picking would have definitely been a distraction. Glad you were spared!

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