The Wonderful Wooden Board

Tiny Church has a large sheet of plywood on a base, which makes it a movable wall with great flexibility of use. One side is covered in cork… actually, it’s partially covered in cork. Someone ran out of cork sheets, so the bottom has a ragged look to it.

But the other side is painted a pale yellow. When I first arrived I thought This is a little weird but I’ve used it in worship as a prayer wall, and for other random things.

Right now it’s our CROP Hunger Walk commitment board. Our CROP walk coordinator and I were talking about how hard it is to come up with new ways to inspire participation. It tends to be the same folks every year. But realistically, the number of folks who can do the walk is pretty limited.

So this year we’re using the board as a place to encourage alternate means of support. We’re posting one flyer for each walker with the person’s name at the top. On that sheet are places for people to sign up to do other tasks to support that person. Of course people can sponsor a walker with $$, but we’ve also added the opportunity to be a prayer partner for a walker, or to provide lunch for a walker on the day of the walk. (We’ve always found it a challenge to get ourselves fed between church and the walk.) I’m hoping this means that everyone from the homebound nonagenarian to the busy mother of twins plus an infant can be involved in some way.

Wooden board =  tool for ministry.

At any rate… a friend posted the following image on Facebook last night. Something like this will definitely make an appearance on the board:

What do you need today?

By the way, you can sponsor our family for the CROP walk here.


5 thoughts on “The Wonderful Wooden Board

  1. Rachel says:

    I like being able to provide non-financial supports, allowing more people to be involved. And I *love* the “Take what you need” flyer — it would be wonderful if something like that could be designed such that taking one leaves plenty for others as well (multiple strips of each blessing stapled together?)

  2. sherry says:

    I think it would be cool to have a sharpie attached with a string to the note and to add “Leave What You Can Give”. People could write on the original note what they can give….I can give prayer and healing. Children could even draw things on it, like flowers and hearts. For that matter, adults could also draw.

  3. Rachel says:

    There are reasons this is one of the few blogs I religiously (so to speak) make time to read. It’s not just the words of the blog posts themselves, but it is home to such a lovely feel of uplifting, creative community.

  4. Lou says:

    I am so going to use that take what you need in our church fellowship hall. It’s going to show up some night without anyone knowing and we’ll see what people need. It may also show up in worship some Sunday as a reverse offering. Thank you for these amszing ideas.

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