Baguette Vending Machines—Really?!

Food Week continues at the Blue Room with this article about a vending machine in Paris that dispenses baguettes 24 hours a day:

The quintessential Paris experience is to enter a boulangerie, inhale the heavenly smell of fresh bread and buy a baguette for an impromptu picnic on the Seine.

Now imagine stuffing a euro into a vending machine that dispenses warm baguettes with all the cachet of an ATM machine. Talk about a buzz kill.

Oh my oh my.

Time dysfunction really has gone global, hasn’t it? When even France is getting in on the action, you know it’s bad!

On the other hand, this could be quite a boon for hungry, jet-lagged passengers who need to grab a bite after the red-eye from Dulles, and who are too strung out and sleep-deprived to engage the French-language portion of the brain. (Not that that happened to Robert and me last October or anything.)



2 thoughts on “Baguette Vending Machines—Really?!

  1. bookgirl says:

    Now I have to go back to France…

    Fascinating. Have to admit, I’d try it, anyway.


  2. Shala says:

    In the first half of the 1900s in this country there were apparently entire restaurants built around the idea that you could walk in, go up to a vending machine, put in some change, punch a few buttons and get a complete lunch. The automats, as they were called, were killed off by the rise of McDonald’s and other fast food places. I kind of wish I could have seen one. The pics on Wikipedia ( and the website devoted to the automat ( look pretty neat.

    (Oh the things you learn in writing-induced research.)

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