Make Lemonade out of Lemons—Update

Back in May I had a contest to determine who would receive my 12-volume Feasting on the Word commentary, since I was planning to switch to the electronic version. (You can read about that here and here.)

This is just a short update to say that last week I finally got all the books located, packed up and shipped to Catherine in Texas. It only cost about $20 to send them via media mail, and I’ll be interested to see how long they take to get there. I say this to encourage people who are thinking about paying it forward—it’s fun, cheap and easy. (Seriously, I hadn’t been in a post office in ages. It was actually kinda pleasant—the line went fast and there were all kinds of goofy people there, from the old gentleman waiting in line to buy two twenty-cent stamps to the businessman who wanted to know how to apply for a passport.)

Another note—there was some question about what the CD-ROM version would be like, and concern that it might not be all that user-friendly. So I decided to get the books on Kindle instead, for the low price of $10 apiece. Still waiting for year C to come out on Kindle, but I assume it will. This format is also cheaper than the CD-ROM.

Image: from a Mormon missionary blog. He’s “feasting on the Word”! Get it? Get it?


2 thoughts on “Make Lemonade out of Lemons—Update

  1. jillsusan says:

    From my experience with media mail, it’s really no slower than most regular mail. They always say it takes 2-4 weeks, but the people I’ve sent books to using that service always get it within the week.

  2. Steve says:

    Good choice on the Kindle. We just received a copy of the Feasting on the Word CD and it is VERY POORLY DONE!!! The screen does not display properly and some of the scriptures come up with the message “There is a database error.” You cannot see the bottom of any page and you cannot get to the bottom of the scroll bar to scroll down. Kindle is a much better choice!!!!

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