I Made a Video!

Bruce Reyes-Chow is coordinating the We Are Presbyterian 2011 project, in which people made videos addressing our denomination and saying whatever they’d like to say. Click on the link above for the complete listing—I can’t wait to dive into them! What fun.

My thoughts originated with a conversation at Preacher Camp, then a few weeks ago I woke up from a dream and the video was fully formed in my mind. (I wish the book would work like that.) For those of you who’d like a different metaphor for our church than “deathly ill,” I provide a counter-testimony—an alternate diagnosis.

There are a lot of things I would change, and there was a span of time when I was cursing the families of those dastardly people who wrote iMovie, but I learned a lot and can now add “video production” to my bag of tricks.

We Are Presbyterian 2011 — A New “Diagnosis” for the Church from MaryAnn McKibben Dana on Vimeo.

Constructive feedback welcome. Comments on the ideas especially welcome.


13 thoughts on “I Made a Video!

  1. Keith Snyder says:

    Awesome with a side of great delivery.

  2. susan says:

    How wonderful!!! I love your thoughts and your delivery (and someday I need to learn how to make videos, so maybe you’ll tutor.) How did you tape it?

    Critiques? Well, I think everything that you contributed is wonderful. I might suggest though, that maybe the pictures that you pop in–though really cute and cool, might benefit from maybe a little racial diversity??

    Love the glasses with your new do!!!

  3. MaryAnn says:

    Keith, I’m putting the e-mail notification of your comment in my “encouragement” folder. (Doesn’t everyone have one of those?) But seriously, thanks.

    Susan, you are right on. I even had that thought putting it together… which may be even worse, actually 😦 But I was very aware of the fact that ALL the image results coming up were white.

    What do you think? Would searching for specific search terms + an ethnicity do the trick?

  4. Rebecca Page Lesley says:

    MA- could I use this at my officer’s retreat in a few weeks? I think it says some amazing things about where we are as an individual congregation and as a denomination. Beautiful thoughts! Almost made me want to be pregnant again… almost.

  5. anne says:

    love the ideas. i visited 2 presby churches in n. va. earlier this month and in one of them the problems of the denomination were a big part of the day. it was depressing. it’s more hopeful to view these times as pregnancy.

    when you’re playing w/ the video-making process, try different placements of the camera. i felt like if you were not looking downward at the camera it would seem more comfortable.

    and i wanted to mess your hair up a bit. you’re so out of the box w/ your thinking, i wanted your hair to be out of the box too. (i know you wanted content comments, but i don’t always give what you might want.)

    and EVERYBODY needs an encouragement file. (mine, associated w/ e-gleanings is called ‘positive comments’. i don’t NEED to go there often, but it’s always there when i DO need/want to go there.)

    • MaryAnn says:

      Maybe I should have been eating locusts and wearing a camel’s hair maternity shirt too! 😀

      It’s really tricky, taping oneself. I was very wary of talking too fast, because when I talk fast I use my hands a lot, which is distracting on video. So it came out rather staid in that sense. Camera angles might do the trick next time… assuming that next time I actually have time to play with that more, rather than Just Getting the Dang Thing Done.

      I was also looking down because I was glancing at notes. I don’t love the way that turned out but it’s a place to start.

  6. Keith Snyder says:

    The staid worked for the humor.

  7. Kelley says:

    I have goosebumps! Thank you. You give me hope!

  8. susan says:

    Well, we have a little experience in that department in these here parts, and have found that yes, you either need to put in a race plus noun, or just go on back to the third or fourth page back and then things get colorful. Sigh.

  9. RevRosa says:

    I invited my spouseman, a Vietnam vet and somewhat cynical and grizzled Episcopal priest who’s been doing church for 30 years, to watch this video after I saw it. He sat spell-bound. This is really fine work, MaryAnn.

    I would like to start my next vestry meeting by showing this. Is that OK?

  10. sandyhackett says:

    MaryAnn: I’m a PCUSA pastor in Seattle. THANK YOU for this!! I loved the metaphor b/c it acknowledges the messiness and distress if these times, but reminds us that it’s purposeful and filled with hope. Well done!

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