Letting Go [cont.]

This one’s in honor of the kids getting ready to start school in these parts, and the people who love them:

I wrote the other day that I’m ready for Caroline to walk home from the bus stop this year. And more to the point, she is ready. It will be good for her to have this freedom. We shelter our kids more than we need to in many situations. She can do this.

Well, last week we found out that the district has eliminated the stop at the end of our street, so she will be walking on a busier street in our subdivision for the first part of the walk.

It’s just an additional four houses (ten houses total), but still. I either have to decide that it’s too far—that it’s too much responsibility or “risk”—or I have to expand my vision a little and live in trust and not fear. I think it will be the latter.

Sounds like that “letting something go” thing has greater implications than I’d thought. I hate when the universe does that…


3 thoughts on “Letting Go [cont.]

  1. melanie steinmetz says:

    sounds a bit like the actual moment I was set to drive away and leave my first born at college several states away. everyone was sure I would fall apart but I didn’t. I swelled with pride as I knew that this was a success, a day I had prepared him (and me) for during the last 18 years. go out in the world and be confident in it.

  2. Judy says:

    It is fun to hear about other 2nd grade parents’ times as school begins and their worries and freedoms they give their kids. I also agree that we shelter our kids way too much (as a society). I guess I’m lucky that I’ve got a very self assured and confident kid-he once walked to the end of our cul-de-sac by himself without telling me (4 houses away) and got brought home by a police officer wondering where his parents were.

    Treasure each step forward, there will be many.

  3. Sarah says:

    Yeah for the latter.
    Written by one who survived walking to the bus stop 1/2 mile each way on an unpaved country road (named appropriately Country Lane) road in second and third grade in snow and rain and good weather and among dogs and even the occasional car and truck – I don’t think it occurred to parents to take kids to the bus stop or at least not the parents on our road!

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